A newly established electronic cigarette company, called PrimeVapor, has revolutionized the e-cigarette industry with a new type of power indicator technology.  Pioneering the interface themselves, PrimeVapor was the first company to offer the Smart Charge Indicator technology on not only high-performance e-cigs, but our standard models as well.

Take the guesswork out of your battery by using PrimeVapor’s exclusive e-cig batteries.  All e-cig batteries come with a color changing LED that shifts color according to the power remaining in the e-cigarette.

It may sound to good to be true, so V2ECIGSREVIEW purchased our own PrimeVapor E-Cigarette with smart charge indicator.

Day 1 – When our PrimeVapor kit arrived in the office, we began to divide the spoils amongst our more prominent users.  PrimeVapor’s standard Chameleon e-cigarette battery and high-performance e-cig both came with about a 80-70% charge.  We used them right out of the box and have had no issues so far.

Day 7 – After charging and draining the battery over the past few days, we can really see the value of this indicator technology.  There were several times during the week that the indicator literally saved our office from lighting up where other e-cigs would have quit unexpectedly.  The best thing out PrimeVapor’s smart charge indicator is that you’ll never wonder if you have enough power in your e-cig to last throughout the day.

Day 14 – After two weeks of using PrimeVapor’s exclusive e-cigarettes with their smart charge indicator, we have yet to be without our e-cigarettes in a time of need.  In past brands, our staff would normally run out of power half-way through the work day.  With this new indicator, that’s a thing of the past.  Nice job PrimeVapor!

Day 21 – We’re all pretty much sold on the new e-cigarette power indicators. These things are so handy to have around and are quite fashionable too.  With the color changing, ring-shaped, LED, no one is mistaken for using a normal cigarette anymore.  The only attention we get now is, “Oh wow, where did you get that!?”.  We tell them, PrimeVapor.com.

Day 30 – After the first month of trial use, we have yet to have a single issue with our Chameleon and Saturn e-cigarette batteries.  PrimeVapor Electronic Cigarettes have something truly special here.

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